Nazi control harricane Irene by superweapon.

Japanese news flash
Nazi control harricane Irene by superweapon.
 The speculation group of Nazi has caused the current world finance crisis aiming at the destruction of the world financial system.
 Nazi develop the various superweapons. Nazi has already caused a lot of earthquakes with the earthquake weapon. Nazi tried to aim at Washington in the capital of USA, and to cause the large earthquake of M9 or more with the earthquake weapon 23 in August. However, the epicenter shifted. The panic occurred to the earthquake after an interval of 93 years. Nazi start causing the large earthquake of M9 or more with Washington again.
 Nazi has already caused the storm, the flood, and the heat wave, etc. with the weather weapon. The hurricane was enlarged, and it succeeded to control the course. Nazi attack the big cities in the east coast because of hurricane Irene. Nazi deprave USA because of the superweapons. Nazi deprave the world economy with the superweapons. (Summary of the Mail News)
Blogs of the superweapon:
 The Depraved Power destroy the world to make the New World Order.
Roster, Lists blogs
Crisis resolution blogs
Top secret
The Depraved Power make the World Financial Crisis. World Financial Crisis:
Lists of the Depraved Power:
Last war of mankind:
The Depraved Power invade many Nations:
The Depraved Power watch almost buildings by the Building Rule System.
 Let's order engineers to survey your office and residence ASAP! You can get the Building Rule System. The following blogs are useful to survey.
Wireless type
Building Rule System
 Above 700 Building Rule System are collected in many nations. The Depraved Power send many swindlers and agents now.
 Why Mafia advertise if they cheat? They rob the customer, and then inserting into traps.
詐欺・罠 ブログ集 Frauds and trap Blogs
Why you can not collect the Depraved Technology?
PLS examine ASAP! http://sinka7.iza.ne.jp/blog/entry/1294213
Spies call swindlers. PLS take care of Japanese spies.
Do swindlers visit? They monitor you by Building Rule System. The Depraved Power monitor with the Building Rule System if visited swindlers say "I heard ・・・・ from Hashimoto".
 You are monitored by the Building Rule System if swindlers visit you. Swindlers say lies that they heard it from Dr. Hashimoto.
 The Building Rule System is useful for the race for power and the election. Therefore, the Depraved Power obtained the political power in most countries. The list exists.Do you know who can get political power using the Building Rule System.
 If you collect the Building Rule System, the highest, diplomatic card will be obtained. You can change your country.
The Depraved Power advertise that they cheat FBI, Interpol, polices, armies, many departments, etc. till 2010 as follows:
○Frauds that use the counterfeited E-mail increase. Spies counterfeit E-mails. Spies advertise they cheat with counterfeit Emails. When E-mails reach, let's confirm it to the sender.
False site:
http://ameblo.jp/sinkasyak/entry-10416306332.html .
偽造速報Counterfeit news flash
Japanese Depraved Power publish reports and lists of spies in USA government.There are many spies in DHS, etc.
アメリカ(USA) Blogs
 A Japanese company develop the strongest monitoring system. You can monitor the World Rule System and the Depraved Power by the strongest monitoring system if you buy the system.
The Depraved Power attack good IT companies:
The child of the imitation exposes the swindle.
○Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is innocent.
 Because the Depraved Power advertise that they fabricated the false charge of Dominique Strauss-Kahn(Managing Director of IMF).
 Japanese Mafia advertise that the Depraved Power in USA use HAARP, and the earthquake and the nuclear power plant explosion was caused by STUXNET. The Japanese Mafia are inducing the Japanese to anti-American.
 There are many childs of immitation from President Obama to Dr. Hashimoto.
Depraved Power cheat using family by threaten often.
○Spies in the CIA & Navy SEALs trick Governments and Mass communication. They did not kill Osama bin Laden.
○To destroy fishery all over the world, they are throwing away water that pollutes it with the radioactivity to the sea.
○Mafia order frauds to the local newspapers, the universities, the banks and others. Mafia advertise if they cheat companies and others.
○March 11 attacks
Earthquake weapon, terrorism blogs:
○Fraud and play
PLS examine Komazawa Valley ASAP!
 Best place to know Mafia surveing electric waves.PLS survey Komazawa ASAP!:
 Japanese Mafia order university and newspapaer company to trick FBI and Interpol using false family and others to disturb electric survey. Now they advertise frauds.
PLS open forum !
Plans from Dr. Hashimoto
○Why the Depraved Power advertise rule, manage, trick, mind control, etc.
Shadow Government DHS etc.
Database List File blogs:
 Mafia advertise that they trick FBI, Interpol, and many polices to increase the crimes.  
 Terrorists advertise that they trick Armies to increase terrorism.
 Depraved newpapaer company and unioversity advertise that they trick Media by mind control, they deprive of the confidence of mass communication, and deprave management.
 Japanese Mafia advertise that they cheat many governments using universities,banks and newspaper companies often.
Mafia agitate crimes. Crimes shall increase. Famous Japanese Electric makers made the Building Rule System and other Depraved Technology.
Fraud News
 Mafia is making the spy sneak into FBI. The spies set up the Building Rule System, and steal information. Spies cheat by the lies. The investigator of Japanese descent who worked for the Tokyo branch office of FBI made the report of the lies, and cheated FBI. Mafia is advertised that FBI was cheated. The spy told many lies, "I heard it from Dr. Hashimoto". The spy doesn't meet Dr. Hashimoto.To arrest Dr. Hashimoto by the false charge, spies that sneaked into FBI established two investigative teams.
The Depraved Power advertise that they cheat FBI, Interpol, polices, armies, many departments, etc.: http://sinka7.iza.ne.jp/blog/entry/1771558
Mafia advertise that they trick FBI and US army:
○Nazi trick Jew
NSDAP(Nazi) Fascism blogs
○Japanese cyber militaria
Japanese cyber militia press conference at 15 o'clock April 22. Reservation necessary.
○To stop terrorism !
 Because the Mafia・University・Newspaper want to do 11.11 terrorisms, the electric wave investigation of Komazawa Valley is obstructed by lies. PLS send engineers to Komazawa Valley ASAP!
Komazawa Valley 犯罪拠点 blogs:
○September 11→ March 11→ November 11 attacks
 Brave Americans inform September 11、March 11、November 11 attacks.But Prsident and Prime Minister
disregarded it. And, 9.11 and 3.11 occurred.
3.11テロ March 11 attacks
11.11.2011 Terrorism
You may access above 700 blogs:
What is the Depraved Power and the Depraved Technology?
English blog collection;
超兵器 Superweapon blogs:
 To decrease the number of good men, the Depraved Power murder by the Depraved Technology all over the world. The Depraved Power developed the strongest earthquake weapon and cyber weapon.The large earthquake( 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami) was caused by the earthquake weapon in Japan.
地震兵器脅迫Earthquake weapon attack on Japan
 They use cyber weapon that destroy the nuclear plant. The nuclear plant was blasted by cyber terrorism(Fukushima I nuclear accidents).
原発爆発脅迫Cyberterrorism→Nuclear Meltdown‎.
Earthquake weapon, terrorism blogs:
Terrorists are advertising that the nuclear power plant in Fukushima was exploded because of cyber terrorism. The terrorists is doing cyber terrorism to the web of IAEA. The image above is an image published in the site of IAEA.
Earthquake weapon attack on Japan:
Various threat Blogs:
○Arms(made in USA)→ Military cliques
Mafia sold the Depraved Technology to the military clique in nations, made the military clique win the race for power, and ruled the army. Japanese Mafia make spies sneak in Ministry of Defense and the Self Defense Forces, and sells information on the U.S. military and arms from Japan illicitly to the military clique in China. Then, the army in China have war potential that is far bigger than the United States thinks.
China Crisis Blogs    
You may access above 700 blogs:

Japanese Ministry of Information announce to public as follows:
”The Building Rule System was found from buildings of the official

residence , government agencies, the political parties, the

enterprises, and groups, etc. in many nations.To disturb announce 

bankers and swindlers tell many lies. They speak 'I heard it from

Hashimoto'. 56 people who chose from averages of the phishing

people who live in Komazawa are sent to many nations. They tell

many lies. Spyies interpret in each nations.Japanese a Newspaper 

and a University trick by many lies.

Mail that inform truth reach.

Sneaking spies call outside swindlers.

Spies and the swindlers cheat together.

They advertise that they purchased targets.

Reader, viewer, and supporter parting.

Spies mix poison with food and drink.
Please order engineers to survey your office, your residence, official
residence and government offices.
How to find the Building Rule System in your office and residence?
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